HOST A HOUSE PARTY: Anyone who lives in Davidson County can vote for me. If you are interested in hosting a house party for your neighbors, please email our campaign headquarters at

CHURCH MEET AND GREET: I would be honored to meet your pastor as well as your congregation to share information about the election.

SPREAD THE WORD: Tell everyone you know about Mondelli for Judge! We’re hosting a campaign rally February 6 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Crow’s Nest in Green Hills and would love to see you there.

REQUEST A CAMPAIGN SIGN: We have campaign signs available! Email us at if you’d like to put one in your yard.

REGISTER VOTERS: We will need to get as many new voters as possible registered before the deadline next year. You can now conveniently register online HERE.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Be sure to stay updated on campaign news and events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.