Many people have asked me why I’m running for Judge of General Sessions Division X. The people and voters of Nashville need to know who their candidate is, where he comes from and what he stands for. We have all witnessed the recent moral decay, gross misconduct and abuse of justice to this honorable court. I am a candidate who both stands for and will bring back honesty, integrity and confidence to the office of Division X.

Frank Mondelli for Judge Cropped 1The citizens and voters of Davidson County expect and deserve to know their elected officials will uphold the ethical and moral standards of this office. They also have a right to know that their cases before this court will be handled with honesty and reviewed by a competent judge. They need to be confident that their elected official will administer justice both equally and fairly.

Criminal suspects also have the right to expect that the judge hearing their case to be above reproach and listen to the facts of each case. They have the right to expect that each case will be based on its own merit, that evidence will be properly introduced and that there will be competent witnesses. Many people’s first experience in the General Sessions Court system comes as a civil litigant, criminal suspect or as a victim or witness. When their case is complete, their experience should be one in which they can say they were treated fairly and respectfully.MondelliJudgeSQUARE

I came to Nashville in 1957 when I was 3 years old. I was educated at St. Ann’s parochial school and graduated from Father Ryan High School in 1972. I went on to graduate from the University of Tennessee at Nashville night school in 1980 and The YMCA Night Law School in 1986. During these years I met and married Gail Evans. I worked for Metro Government as a warrant officer for two years before transferring to The Codes Administration. While working for Metro, I finished my law school education, raised three children and launched my legal practice, which I opened in 1990.

I have practiced law in the General Sessions court, circuit, criminal trial courts and federal courts of the mid-state area. I have represented indigent clients in both civil and criminal courts. I have litigated cases in each of these courts. My 27 years of legal practice in these areas of law have prepared me for the many challenges that face the next judge of Division X.

Finally, if elected I will work diligently every day to bring about positive changes and perform my duties and uphold the constitution of this state and the United States and to the office to which I am elected.

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